A downloadable game for Windows


A 2D Hardcore platformer which focuses on amazingly difficult level that challenges the player's control reflexes and timing.

UPWARDS is currently indevelopment and will add new features in every build that is uploaded and targeted to provide hundreds of levels.

Latest DEMO Build update:

*Update the controls

*Update Collision and jump movement

*Fixed collision bug on moving horizontal platforms

All new Features

*added time(milliseconds) and Death counts counter at the end of the game.

*Added global GUI Controls (arrow keys)

*Added interactive soundFX.

*players who fell on the platforms will go back to the previous level.


Left Key = Move Left

Right Key = Move Right

Up key = Jump

R key = Restart




UPWARDS v1.5.exe (3 MB)


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Check this out. This is a simmilar game. Im a little game dev so the grafics are not the best.

I am also a solo dev.

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Oh thats nice. I have a question. Which programm do you use to make your games?

I created upwards in game maker.

Nice I too